AC-DC Converters

AC-DC Converters

Being popular for several decades, CHINFA's AC-DC converters are still available at Huijzer Components. As not all models are supported by us, there may be a minimum order volume for certain types. Depending on model and quantity, we should be able to supply most types in approximately 4-6 weeks

Currently we are dealing with:

Models currently supported by Huijzer Huijzer Components are:

KAM0712 KAM1505 KAMN3012
KAM0715 KAM1512 KAMN3015
IKAM0724 KAM1524 KAMN3024
KAMN4012 KAMN4024


Please visit our website and check the availability you require None or not enough stock? we are looking forward to receiving your inquiry

for more detailed information, please contact our sales-desk

Posted in News on Sep 05, 2023