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Recently added

AC/DC Converters - Power Supplies

R 1D-0505 /REC /ROHS
DC/DC Conv 5:+/-5V+/-100mA SMD

Opto Components & Displays

R 474I247050A2K /KEM /ROHS
X1 MKP Cap. 47nF 440V P=15mm

Opto Components & Displays

DEP 100016-A-W /DE /ROHS
100x16 OLED White/Black 2.4"


2060-451/998-404 /WAGO /ROHS

SMD Terminal 4mm 160V 1Pole

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Latest News

AC-DC Converters

Sep 05, 2023

AC-DC Converters Being popular for several decades, CHINFA's AC-DC converters are still available at Huijzer Components. As not all models are supported by us, there may be a minimum order...

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50A at 600VAC check the new G9KB series

Sep 05, 2023

50A at 600VAC check the new G9KB series New in our portfolio are the Omron PCB power relays in the G9KB series with a rated switching current of 50A and a switching voltage of 600V AC. The r...

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The IXYS family of Punch Through

Aug 03, 2023

The IXYS family of Punch Through (PT) IGBTs exhibit high gain, very fast switching and low conduction losses. They are optimized for higher speed applications up to 100kHz in UPS, Off-line S...

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