Importance of Product Knowledge

As product knowledge requires trust, this is an important issue to us. For you as our customer, this instils faith, trust and respect, which will create a positive customer experience in return. The importance of product knowledge represents itself the most in the following situations:

Additional technical questions

We assume you rely on the manufacturer and trust the product you have selected or want to purchase. Despite this we have product-specialists standby to advise you on any detail that you still might have questions about. Weather you are looking for details that are “hidden” in a datasheet or seeking information that is simply not in the datasheet. Our product-specialists will make every effort to become your trustworthy source of information. As we have a variety of contacts worldwide,our product knowledge is always up to date.

Trust Building 

When the required information has been provided by us, you can rest assured this information is correct. Regardless this is technical information, product-life information or a product change notification. Finally it is very important you do rely on your sales-representative and can use the provided information without any reservation.

Benefits of Product Knowledge

Knowledge is power for the both of us. For you as our customer and (end) user of our products and for us as your supplier. When you need support with factual information gained from product knowledge, please do not hesitate to ask your sales-representative for assistance. We will be more then willing to highlight the benefits of certain technical specifications or clarify other issues.