Environmental concern and waste prevention have a high priority at Huijzer Components

Therefore we always re-use as much original packing material whenever possible, for shipments we send to our customers.

Since a good environmental policy starts with prevention, our default packing-list is provided as a single copy and all our invoices are default digital. If however, your company requires more then one copy, or needs digital copies at more then one address, please let us know and we will certainly accommodate your needs.

Other packing material such as, polystyrene, paper stuffing, unusable cartons but also plastics and glass, are separately collected by us and passed on for recycling. Remaining tubes and antistatic shielded bags, used for packing semiconductors are also collected separately for re-use or passed on for recycling. This is one of our contributions to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

In order to do more for environmental protection we have arranged to recycle small electronic equipment, such as programmers, power-supplies etc.

As of august 2005 we offer you the possibility to recycle all small Electric and Electronic equipment purchased at our company. As a member of FHI this recycling will take place in co-operation with RTA.

Also in accordance to the WEEE directive RTA is the certified body, established with the soul task to execute and monitor the recycling.

By treating the recycling in this way, we fully comply to the recycling law as per august 2005.