Global sourcing & Quality assurance

Huijzer Components is not “just a component supplier”. Huijzer Components is an independent stock keeping wholesaler. Founded in 1985 we’re in business for more then 30 years.

Global sourcing & purchasing, engaging with essential suppliers, integral chain-management and vast global supply-chain concepts have made the purchasing function of strategic importance. The strength of global sourcing is embedded in activities that are not linked with the source or the location. These activities are also called footloose. Telecom- and information- technologies allow us to purchase virtual almost everywhere. However most of our vendors are certified by BS9000- …… or ISO 9001-….. or have a different quality management system, it is always good to have local vendors as contact partners.

Suppliers & partners

Almost regardless the location, Huijzer Components always prefers to buy at one of their default local partners. Our company has a healthy history and also a well documented track-record of our supplier-performance. Using this knowledge we select the most suited supplier for a specific task. Weather this is one of our (partner) suppliers or a selected local supplier, we know each other and share the same philosophy: product quality and supplier reliability. For most of our standard products we have at least 2 different suppliers to ensure continuous availability.

Incoming material inspection

Components not purchased though the official distribution or as OEM overstock, do get an extended secondary inspection at our own incoming material department. The primary inspection consists of a mechanical and physical inspection. When these findings indicate any inconsistency, the parts will get a second inspection. This varies from a simple Hfe gain control until a test in accordance to manufacture test-circuit. In this way Huijzer Components has also exactly documented which part is when and where purchased in case of any inconsistency.