Bluetooth & WIFI

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Bluetooth and WIFI modules by ESPRESSIF SYSTEMS.

Espressif Systems is a Chinese manufacturer of fabless systems SoC (System On Chip) and modules for wireless transmission in the standards Bluetooth and WIFI.

Espressif Systems is located in Shanghai and was founded in 2008. Espressif's modules are based on SoC components from the ESP8266 and ESP32 families, which integrate most of the functional elements (32-bit micro-controller, memory, radio tracks) on a single printed circuit board. All developed by Espressif it self. Alongside all of the RF components necessary for a WiFi or Bluetooth (ESP32 only) wireless connection, the modules provide a highly integrated 32Bit microprocessor with clock frequency up to 240MHz, SRAM and ROM memory, and a wide range of interfaces.

Espressif's solutions are extremely popular, among developers involved in electronics design. This is due to its extensive functionality, accessibility and wide range of tools and development kits. Espressif's SoC components and modules are typically used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

For all Espressif's modules and development tools, please visit our website and start your search with ESP 32..... For more or technical details, please contact our sales-desk.

Posted in News on Jul 13, 2022