currently the flattest fan in the 50mm size

It is official now; sized 50x50mm with a depth of only 10mm!

This new 50x50x10mm fan, with its combination of fan size, air-flow and rated voltage, represents a unique product that no other major manufacturer currently has listed. With its super-flat design, the 24 VDC fan complements the already available 12 VDC fan. The EF50102B1-A99 is equipped with a long-life ball bearing and offers all design freedom you can imagine.

The EF50102B1-A99 delivers an air flow of 19.3m³/h with a noise level of only 34.8dBA. Rated power is 1.08W with operational voltage between 8 and 27.6VDC. This energy-efficient 24VDC fan, with its stranded wire connectors, can be operated in a standard temperature range from -10 to +70°. It meets UL insulation class A and has a life expectancy of 70,000 hours at 40°C and 65% humidity.

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Posted in News on May 05, 2022