Display - LED Blacklights

DELP502-B, LED blacklights

For the popular 7- or 14-segment LCD displays DExxxT- from Display Elektronik, we are now able to offer you the matching LED backlights. These are available in red, amber, yellow-green, blue, white and RGB (selectable color). This makes it possible to use the transflective LCD displays even in complete darkness. The possibility of backlighting gives the transflective displays as opposed to the reflective displays a great advantage. While the reflective LCD displays DExxxR- are not backlit and can only be read if the ambient brightness is sufficient, the transflective types offer the option of using a LED backlight.

All LED backlights from Display Elektronik are now available at Huijzer Components.These backlights all start with DELP ......, simply check our website.

Posted in News on May 01, 2019