Dutch iMaXX new in Portfolio

New in our portfolio: EV fuses by iMaXX

iMaXX, a dutch company specialized in the development of automotive electrical and electro-mechanical products. With emphasis on Circuit Protection (CP) components, es-specially for Electric Vehicles. Starting at miniOTO to normOTO and megaOTO to the EV27, EV28 & EV29 series as shown below:

All manufacturing facilities are certified to international standards like ISO9000, QS9000 and VDA.

Per example the evOTO EV27-M5 specifications below

  • International specs, in accordance to ISO 8820-8 and other standards
  • Ceramic tube, laser marked, silica sand filled
  • Rigid Sn-plated copper alloy connections
  • M5 connection holes, spaced 53,5mm
  • Maximum torque 4.5Nm ± 1 Nm
  • Breaking capacity: 20.000 A at 500 Vdc (450Vdc)

Please visit our website and check all available models:
EV 27- , EV 28- , EV 29- .

For more or detailed information please contact our sales-desk

Posted in News on Jan 07, 2021