FTCapacitors for industrial applications.

FTCapacitors for industrial applications. Amongst others, available for stud-mounting or with screw-terminals.
csm_GVK_GVKB_59666245d7.gif FTCAP, GmbH, Fischer und Tausche Capacitors, has been a manufacturer of capacitors since 1948. Many years of continuous research & development and the lastest state of the art production machinery guarantees products of the highest quality.

The electrolytic capacitors of FTCAP are especially suitable for:


At Huijzer Components we support the Capacitors of the SIH, LFA, LFB, GMA & GMB series. Besides the capacitors we also support the nylon mounting clamps with the NRS series. Nylon Clamp.png

Please check our website for all models or contact our Sales department for additional information.

Posted in News on May 05, 2023