high power IGBT's with FRED

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With Switching currents from 16A - 75A these models are in the top segment of power IGBT's. This current can only be accomplished with high switching-times. Therefor these IGBT's work with switching times like 12nS td(on) and as fast as only 60nS td(off). It is due to these fast switching-times that all models are available in ISOPLUS 247TM


Easy paralelling due to the positive temperature coefficient of the on-state voltage.
Rugged XPT design (Xtreme light Punch Through) results in:

-short circuit rated for 10 µsec
-very low gate charge
-low EMI
-square RBSOA @3x lc

Thin wafer technology combined with the XPT design results in a competitive low VCE(sat).
SONIC" diode:

-fast and soft reverse recovery
-low operating forward voltage

Silicon CHip on Direct-Copper Bond (DCB) Substrate
Isolated Mounting Surface
2500V~ Electrical isolation
Anti-parallel ultra fast diode
Optimized for low Conduction losses

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IXA37IF1200HJ IXA55I1200HJ

IXGR16N170AH1 IXGR24N120C3D1 IXGR24N120C3D1 IXGR32N170AH1 IXGR48N60C3D1 IXGR55N120A3H1 IXGR60N60C3C1

Posted in News on Apr 12, 2021