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When it comes to polypropylene capacitors

New at Huijzer Components a complete range of highly pulse-resistant polypropylene capacitors with models up till 6000VDC. These capacitors have internal series connection, a dielectric made of polypropylene (PP) film and coatings of aluminium foil and double-sided metallized plastic film.

The FKP1 series also feature a very low dissipation factor, they are extremely pulse-resistant, self-healing, and extremely reliable due to an operating lifetime of 300000 hours with an operating temperature of -55 to +100°C. (failure rate less than 1 FIT at 0.5xUN and 40°C).

At Huijzer Components we support capacitance from 100pF to 220nF and a spacing from 15 to 37.5mm.

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Posted in News on Jun 04, 2020