Kemet's Super Capacitors

New FG, FY, FS and FT series

With the super-capacitors of the FG, FY, FS and FT series from KEMET we have expanded our portfolio with a new range of double layer capacitors. Thanks to their special characteristics, which are different from conventional capacitors and batteries, they are used in applications that require high energy storage.

The super-capacitors from KEMET are designed for a wide temperature-range of -25 to +70°C or -40 to +85°C (FT series) and for a maximum operating voltage of 5.5VDC or 3.5VDC (FG series). Due to KEMET's Chemical Bonding, all capacitors are maintenance-free and highly reliable against liquid leakage.

Please check our website for all new models: FG0H, FY0H, FS0H, FT0H For more detailed information, please contact our sales-desk.

Posted in News on Sep 06, 2021