Large variety OpAmp's

New @ Huijzer, SG Micro:

SGMicro was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. The products from SGMICRO are widely used in mobile phones, televisions, DVD players, digital camera's, notebooks, consumer - and automotive electronics, industrial automation, medical equipment, LCD displays, etc.etc.

Thanks to years of intensive investment in R&D and outstanding design knowledge and capabilities, SGMicro has introduced more than 1000 analogue IC products.

At Huijzer Components we start with the introduction of various kinds of OpAmp.'s

Ir you are looking for Nano-power OpAmp's, current-sense OpAmp's or High-speed OpAmp's; visit our website and start typing SGM ... the details will speak for themselves.

For more details or technical information please contact our sales-desk

Posted in News on May 01, 2020