Mean Well Power Supply

New by MEANWELL, 3 KW High Voltage Output power supply.

As a response to the increasing demands for high voltage application MEANWELL is expanding their high-power enclosed types from Low Voltage DC to High Voltage DC Output.

For this goal MEANWELL released the CSP-3000 series providing 120V/250V/400VDC high voltage DC-Output. Combined with constant current limit set at 100% output, this product series is very suitable for laser, UV curing, and charging equipment.

Moreover, CSP-3000 provides vast design flexibility by equipping various built-in functions such as the output, programming, activecurrent, sharing (up to 3 units), remote ON-OFF control, auxiliary power(12VDC 0.4A), etc.

Each model is cooled by the built-in fan with fan speed control, working for the temperature up to 70℃.

Please check our website for:

CSP 3000-120
CSP 3000-250
CSP 3000-400

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Posted in News on Apr 06, 2020