Myrra - AC-DC Converters

PCB AC-DC converters

Encapsulated AC-DC Converters for rapid design and saving board-space

Available by MYRRA a complete range AC-DC converters in different power-ratings and various voltage output ranges. At Huijzer components we support most of the models, please visit our website to find the complete listing. All models are VDE and UL approved.

Some of the key features;

  • Wide input voltage range
  • Increased power: 3 x compared to standard EE20-EI30-EI38 transformers
  • Better energetic efficiency: 70% typical compared to 40% for the conventional supply
  • Very low Standby Power consumption: meets requirements of Energy Star or EC Code of Conduct
  • Same footprint as EE20-EI30-EI38-EI48 transformer: (1W~10W) Upgrade your application without redesign of PCB.

For more information please contact our sales department.

Posted in News on Mar 29, 2019