New BVDEI mains chokes by Hahn

Passive PFC Chokes


In regards to the increasing network pollution and the necessary reduction to comply with the power network stability, the requirements are to be adapted to device manufacturers to comply with the electromagnetic compatibility.

Hahn's extended mains chokes meet the requirements on the gridconnected emissions. They allow you to optimize the EMC-features of your device within very short time, compliant to the new standard location.

Depending on your application, these new models are available in BVDEI30 core EI30, BVDEI38 core EI38 & BVDEI48 in core EI48.

So please check HAHN's latest BVD EI additions, all available at Huijzer Components; any questions in regards to pricing or technical details, please contact our sales-desk.

Posted in News on Sep 01, 2020