New IGBT's

Have a look at the latest improvements on short circuit, rugged IGBT's!

Description: STGB8......, STGD8......, STGF8......., STGP8.......

This IGBT utilizes the advanced PowerMESH™ process resulting in an excellent trade-off between switching performance and low on-state behavior. With a performance of 800V and 6A the number of applications are endless.


■ Lower on voltage drop (VCE(sat))

■ Lower CRES / CIES ratio (no cross-conduction susceptibility)

■ Very soft ultra fast recovery anti-parallel diode

■ Short circuit withstand time 10 µs


■ High frequency motor controls

■ SMPS and PFC in both hard switch and resonant topologies

■ Motor drivers

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Posted in News on Jun 27, 2019