....The ETQP-series, Shielded wire-wound SMD inductors:


Specially developed with demanding automotive applications in mind, it is fully certified to AEC-Q200. The magnetic material of the metal composite core, with its gapless structure, enables not only very high currents, but also with high heat resistance - up to 160°C - and excellent inductance stability over a wide temperature range.

Excellent magnetic saturation characteristics make it difficult to magnetically saturate, resulting in good inductance vs. current performance without substantial drop off. This results in an excellent inductance-to-current-flow ratio, together with their integrated design. The shielded power choke coils also offer exceptionally high vibration resistance of up to 30G, making them ideal for demanding transmission, braking and powertrain applications.


Package sizes of these series range from 5.5 x 5 x 3mm to 12.6 x 13.2 x 8mm. The SMD power inductors from Panasonic are now available directly from stock with a short lead-time with inductances from 0.33 to 100µH and with saturation currents from 3A to 56.7A.

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Posted in News on Apr 05, 2023