PANASONIC - Polymer Capacitors


Amongst others, new by PANASONIC is the SEF series. Please check all advantages of polymer aluminium solid capacitors.

OS-CON capacitors utilise aluminium and a high conductivity polymer material to provide low ESR, excellent noise rejection and ripple current capabilities. The OS-CON types feature long life and a minimum of ESR changes over the full rated temperature range. They are ideal for applications requiring high voltage and high capacitance. They are suitable as a decoupling capacitor, as the impedance has ideal frequency characteristics, as well as a backup capacitor for circuits that consume high current at a high speed. All series are Pb-free, RoHS compliant and available with a short leadtime.

Please check our website for all models such as 16 SEF1000M and 35 SEF22M

Posted in News on Jul 31, 2019