PANASONIC slim-line relays

(only 5mm !)

Some time ago PANASONIC introduced their slim line relay series. As of February 2020 most models are available at Huijzer Components.

With a width of just 5.0mm, APF relays are the best option for applications where space is limited. Using an electromechanical relay with 6A/250V AC, allows extremely flat designs to be achieved. The APF relays are available in contact arrangements 1 Form A (normally open contact) and 1 Form C (changeover contact) and in coil voltages of 5, 12 and 24V.

The APF series is now available in two contact materials: AgSnO2 or AgNi.

The APF series can be applied as Interface relays for programmable controllers, output relays for measuring, equipment, timers, counters and temperature controllers, industrial equipment, office equipment, household appliances.

Of course, the relays fully comply with all relevant safety standards such as: UL, C-UL and VDE.

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Posted in News on Mar 03, 2020