HONGFA Power relays

....New added items:

The HF33 series by HONGFA was recently added to our stock .

These series has some special characteristic features that will make them ideally suited for industrial environments.

Main features:
  • Provide 5A 250VAC to meet 300000 switching capability specifications.
  • Cree-page distance: 8mm (coil & contacts).
  • Clearance distance: NO type 4.5mm, NC type 4mm.
  • 1 Form A态1 From B and 1 Form C configurations.
  • Sub-miniature, standard PCB layout.
  • Reflow soldering version available.
  • Plastic sealed and flux proofed types available.
  • UL insulation system: Class F available.
  • Product in accordance to IEC 60335-1 available.

Please use the chart below to arrange your required configuration.

For any further questions or technical specifications, please contact our sales-desk.

Posted in News on Mar 01, 2023