Record level Efficiency Performance

CoolMOS™ series C6 & C7 Power Transistors.

Designed to achieve record level efficiency performance.

Infineon’s 600V and 650V CoolMOS™ super-junction MOSFET families are designed to achieve record level efficiency performance, offering substantial efficiency benefits over the whole load range in hard switching applications compared to previous CoolMOS™ series and competitors. The 600V CoolMOS™ C6 & C7 series offer approximately 50% reduction in turn-off losses (Eoss) compared to the CoolMOS™ CP. It offers an outstanding level of performance in PFC, TTF and other hard-switching as well as in high-end LLC topologies and extends the use of silicon MOSFETs to the next generation of highest efficiency power designs.

The 650V CoolMOS™ C7 series brings a new level of performance in hard switching applications such as power factor correction (PFC) when additional 50V of breakdown voltage is needed versus 600V CoolMOS™ C7. It provides efficiency benefits across the whole load range through balancing a number of key parameters.

The CoolMOS™ series are available in various outlines such as TO-262, TO-263, TO-220 FullPAK, TO-247 and TO-247-4.

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Posted in News on Jul 11, 2021