RM40B series from Relpol

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New in our portfolio are the RM40B series from Relpol. With their small footprint and low weight, they are ideal for space-saving PCB design. Therefore these relays are often used in such applications as household appliances, automation systems, measuring equipment and counters, remote controls and even much more. Two contact types are available: a normally open version and for more universal use, a changeover contact.

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The relays are designed for rated currents of 6A at 250V for the NO contact version, while the CO contact version is rated for 5A at 250V or 6A/5A at 30V DC.

These relays comply with protection class IP50 (EN 60529), relay protection class RTIII (EN60810-7) and insulation class F (155°C). All at operating temperatures from -40 to +85°C.

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Posted in News on Jul 02, 2024