Say yes to a silent environment.

With the silent fan's by SUNON this easier to accomplish then expected

As we are surrounded with more and more equipment in our our daily working environment it also becomes a challenge to keep the noise down. Especially for applications in noise-sensitive environments such as telecommunication systems, printer area's, medical environment and many other area's where silence is is crucial. With the silent fan's by SUNON many challenges are easy to control.

Simply check our web site for SUNONS's HA series:
for round fan's:

HA 60151V3-E01U-A99
HA 60150V3-E02U-A99
HA 40101V3-E00U-A99

and for silent square fan's:

HA 30103V3-A99
HA 40201V4-A99
HA 50151V4-A99
HA 60251V4-A99
HA 80251V4-A99
HA 92251V4-A99

If you are interested in more silent solutions, please contact our sale-desk.

Posted in News on Dec 07, 2020