Schurter's RTS Fuses

SMD Thermal fuse for high currents.

To protect highly integrated power electronics from overheating, SCHURTER introduced the particularly compact thermal fuses RTS (reflowable thermal switch) in SMD format. The fuses are used in the automotive and medical segments and other industrial sectors. The complete galvanic isolation reliably protects power semiconductors such as MOSFETs, ICs, IGBTs, triacs and SCRs. Applications range from cooling fans, ABS power steering, PTC heaters and glow plugs to the protection of industrial batteries, power supplies, lighting, ballasts and motor drives.
Unique selling Proposition:
-Separates rated voltages up to 60VDC.
-Reflow compatible through mechanical activation procedure.
-Galvanic separation happens inside the RTS housing.
-Space-saving thanks to integrated shunt.

Please check our website for 3-104-513 and 3-119-589.

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Posted in News on Sep 06, 2021