Ultra fast planar SMD diodes

1A-6A, 100V-200V Ultra Fast Surface Mount Rectifier

Specially for you we have expanded our assortment with the latest Ultra fast planar SMD diodes by TSC , available in 1A - 6 A and 100V - 200V Please check the table below for the specifications of the 1A model:

The forward current of the PU series rectifier diodes ranges from 1A to 6A, and they are produced using a state-of-the-art planar process.

To be sure their is no limitation for what ever application, the PU series are AEC-Q101 approved and available in 5 different kind of outlines.

Depending on your suffix selection, the diodes are available in the following models SMA, DO-214AC, micro-SMA, SOD-123W & SOD123HE

Please visit our website and check for: PU 1... or PU 3... or PU 6...

....and much more.

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Posted in News on Oct 06, 2022