New at Huijzer components the 2604 & 2624 series wire to board connectors by WAGO

Both 2604 & 2624 series are available in a vertical or angled outline and with or without levers. In construction both series are available from 2-way to 10way all access for a measuring-pen. Because of this testing can be performed both parallel and perpendicular to conductor entry.

With a cable access suited for 4mm² on the 2604 series and 6mm² for the 2624 series almost all applied wires at printed circuited board can be handled.

Please check our website for 2604-1102 to 2604-3110 and 2624-1102 to 2624-3110. For more technical information please contact our sales-desk.

Posted in News on Nov 03, 2020