World's broadest selection of EMI filters.

more attention for 3 phase filters

When it comes to mains-filters, Schaffner offers the world's broadest selection of EMI filters.

All filters offer high attenuation performance based on chokes with high saturation resistance and excellent terminal behaviour. The EMI suppression filters are designed for quick and easy mounting and are suited for various kinds of attachment such as; faston, snap-in and flange mount.

Check our website for the last additions. Some Schaffner series we currently support are;

FN 402
FN 405
FN 406
FN 410
FN 9222
FN 9226
FN 9244
FN 9260
FN 9264

For a complete listing of all Schaffner models we support please visit our website and check our PRODUCT-INDEX. For more and detailed information please contact our sales desk.

Due to the increasing electrification there is now more attention for 3 phase filters. Check the FMAC NEO series for 3 phase EMI filers. With order-code 3-104-.........

Posted in News on Sep 02, 2019