Zettler's new power Relays

8 Amp. Subminiature Power Relay

Soon available @Huijzer!!


  • 5 kV dielectric strenght
  • 8 mm creepage and clearance
  • Coil Voltage up to 60VDC
  • Proof tracking index (PTI/CTI) 250
  • Epoxy sealed versions available
  • Gold plated versions available
  • UL, CUR E44211
  • VDE Certificate 40045996

Zettler_relay.png bijzet.png

Below models will be added to our product-range and are available from Q1 2020

AZ6960-1CB-12D AZ6960-1CB-24D AZ6960-1AB-12DE AZ6960-1AB-24DE AZ6960-1AB-12DEA AZ6960-1AB-24DEA

The selected models are equipped with AgNi (Silver Nickel) contacts.

Posted in News on Sep 29, 2019