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Ics Linear Linear Circuits
 L .. / TDA ..
LM 1801N
Bat.Feed Pwr.Comparator DIL-14
LM 1818N
Switched Tape System DIL-20
LM 1820N /NSC
Audio Circuit DIL-14
LM 18293N /NSC
4 Chnl.Push Pull Driver DIL-16
LM 1830N /NSC
Fluid Detector DIL-14
LM 1838M /SANY
LM 1868N /NSC
LM 1871N
LM 1872N /NSC
Radio Receiver/Decoder DIL-18
LM 1875T /NSC
20W Power Amplifier TO-220
Dual 20W Pwr. Amplifier ZIP-15
LM 1877N-9 /NSC
Dual 2W Audio Amplifier DIL-14
LM 1881N /NSC
Video Sync. Separator DIL-8
LM 1882CN /NSC
Prog. Video Sync. Gen. DIL-20
LM 1886N /NSC
TV Video D to A Matrix DIL-20
LM 1889N /NSC
TV Video Modulator DIL-18
LM 1893N /NSC
Carrier Cur.Transceivr. DIL-18
LM 1894N /NSC
Dynamic Noise Reduction DIL-14
LM 1895N /NSC
1W Power Amplifier DIL-8
LM 1896N
Dual 2W Power Audio Amp.DIL-14