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Ics Linear Linear Circuits
 L .. / TDA ..
MC 14199P /MOT ][
MC 1438R /MOT
Power Amplifier TO-66
MC 1439P-1
High Slew Rate Opamp. DIL-8
MC 14410P
2 of 8 Tone Decoder DIL-16
MC 144111P
Quad DAC Serial Outp. DIL-14
MC 144115P /MOT
16 Segment LCD Driver DIL-24
MC 14411P /MOT
Bit-Rate Freq.Generator DIL-24
MC 14411P /MOT ][
Bit-Rate Freq.Generator DIL-24
MC 14412VP /MOT
Univers.Low Speed Modem DIL-16
MC 1441F /MOT
Differential Opamp. FP-14
MC 14425P
TV Station Searching DIL-18
MC 14426P /MOT
TV Static Tuning Memory DIL-16
MC 14429P /MOT
TV Tuning Memory Cntrl. DIL-18
MC 14430P
Input Address Encoder DIL-16
MC 14433P /MOT
3.5 Digit AD Converter DIL-24
MC 14442P /MOT
AD Converter DIL-28
MC 14443P /MOT
6 Channel AD Converter DIL-16
MC 14467P1 /MOT
Smoke Detector DIL-16
MC 14468P /MOT
Smoke Detector DIL-16
MC 14469AP /MOT